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Industrial Acoustic Stethoscope

Model Ac-12

Invaluable for Preventive-Maintenance, Diagnostic and Tracing Applications

This unit is a medical-quality acoustic stethoscope supplied with interchangeable “bell” and “probe” pick-ups. The “bell” pick-up is used for most general applications while the “probe” pick-up is used where it is desired to more precisely pin-point the sound location. In either case, random room noise is considerably attenuated while the sounds of interest are greatly amplified, thus permitting the use of sensitive acoustic diagnostic techniques. Permits the acoustic comparison of “good” and “bad” parts.

Typical Applications
Check for worn bearings or bushings
Detect worn machine parts such as rollers, slides, linkages, shafts, etc.
Detect contaminated machine areas where foreign matter is causing excessive rubbing.
Locate broken or damaged gears.
Locate sources of excessive vibration.
Detect sticking and sluggish valves, solenoids, relays, lifters, etc.
Locate air and fluid leaks.
Diagnose fluid flow through pipes.

Model AC-12 Industrial Acoustic Stethoscope Kit, with interchangeable “bell” and “probe” pick-ups: $40.00